We have extensive experience in the repair of all types of metal railings


We have extensive experience in the repair of all types of metal railings. We are skilled in the restoration of wrought iron Edwardian and Victorian railings, and have carried out this work for many different clients. We can also fit/repair hinges to single and double gates.


Let us provide the same quality of work for you.


If any parts of your railings are beyond repair or missing, we can make replacements and install them in your railings so well that they appear to be original.


This may involve using one of the original cast iron, wrought iron or mild steel bars, finials (sometimes called railheads) or other decorative features to act as a pattern, then casting up a replica, which, when welded in place and painted will look as original as the rest of the metal railings.


If individual wrought iron railing bars or complete bays are damaged or missing, we can repair or replace them so they look as good as the day they were first installed. We can also fabricate new railing bays to extend existing wrought iron railings or add in a wrought iron gate.


We can repair or replace damaged or missing railing panels or fabricate and install new wrought iron panels, if the railings need to be extended.

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